BETTER STANDARD LIVING DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE is a nonprofit and a nongovernmental organization established on 28th November, 2006. The NGO was registered on 21st of February, 2020 under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration Number CAC/IT/ NO. 144586. BSLDI currently has three (3) branches which are situated in Lagos, Delta State and Malawi, southern Africa.

                   The Malawi branch started on the 7th of February and was registered on 8th of June, 2020. The organization was founded as a result of the passion for helping humanity of the initiator. This dream of solving challenges facing humanity is something that has been driving him to look for a solution to the problem of mankind especially in Nigeria where there is abundance of natural resources and untapped potentials deposited in our youths which is now channeled towards nectarous activities and this is bringing bad image and reputation to our country.

                  Hence, he rose to bring alive the Better Standard Living Development Initiative BSLDI to transform, touch lives and change the negative narrative about our nation. He started service for humanity as the pioneering secretary of the Nigerian Association of the Blind, Delta State chapter in 1998. He joined the Ekiti State chapter of this same association.  Samson identified with a lot of NGO’s like the Renewed hope of the Disabled People, REHFODIP, he also started the Better Living foundation of the Disabled BELIFOD while he was an undergraduate student of Mass Communication at the Adekunle Ajasin University.

            Most of the organizations that he is associated with and even the established are focused solely on persons with disabilities. He identified other programs that appear to attend to the challenges he has spotted but they could not quench his hunger because of his passion for making humanity live a comfortable and happy life that is what has given birth to the Better Standard Living Development Initiative so that he and his team and all those that believe in this vision can join hands together to make the world a better place.

what we stand for


The organization will make transparency her watch word.

  • The Ngo will be charitable, show love and kind gesture towards humanity.

  • We will be caring in all our activities toward mankind
  • We will not reduce our reputation as everything will be done with openness.

BSLDI shall treat human with dignity, no segregation, and discrimination, oppression as a result of gender, age, disability or religion.

We will ensure that our programs impact and transform lives in their millions anywhere we work

The NGO will be fair in her dealings with people and no nepotism or sentimentality will be practiced


There are many Nigerians having health challenges especially the ones within the age of thirty-five and above. This is due to financial challenges and crowded health facilities and the attitude of some of the health workers. In view of these highlighted and other identified problems, we will build medical centres and as well organize free health program, paying medical bills of indigent patients, organizing free medical treatment for different ailment. Seminars and workshops on kick malaria out of Africa, stop child and mother mortality, living a healthy lifestyle to avoid hypertension, stroke, diabetes just to mention a few. We will focus on reaching out to the rural dwellers as we will utilize mobile hospital to provide medical facility to them.
We will build an inclusive school with vocational centre that will make our students job creators rather than employment seekers we will also be giving out scholarship to students who are indigent and exceptional, providing information on scholarship and also processing the scholarship for them as a lot of them do not have access to information on fully funded scholarship, even if the information is made available, most of them, do not have the zeal and where withal to process scholarship to a logical conclusion. Sponsoring vulnerable children to go to school by exploring all legitimate avenues to raise fund for them. BSLDI will work towards eradication of illiteracy in our society this we will do by starting adult education. We will be having mobile schools to take care of over fourteen million children that are out of school with our target on the children living in rural community.
We will provide grants, loans and starters packs to successful trainees; establish poverty alleviation centers to widows, vulnerable women, youths to reduce poverty and unemployment. We will encourage them to join our cooperative known as Better Standard Living Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society. This will inculcate the habit of saving, business expansion, for those that are already trading as well as our trainees that are given grant or loan to start. The cooperative will also enable us to acquire lands, build for our beneficiaries. There are other packages that will be unfolded in the blueprint of the cooperative. Embarking on agricultural projects to engage people and also improve our food security and as well reduce poverty and hunger thereby creating more employment. The cooperative and other project of the NGO will be setting up affordable housing schemes to reduce deficiency in access to affordable homes.
BSLDI will embark on generating electricity through renewable energy like: solar, wind biomass and a host of other sources of renewable energy to bridge the gap of epileptic power supply and most of our projects will be powered using renewable energy. Our organization will make Provision for public toilet/borehole water in the rural area, we will as well provide waste bin for collection of refuse. BSLDI will embark on activities to improve climate change, training on clean energy for domestic and industrial use


  1. BSLDI will advocate for the rights of women, children, persons with disabilities to have access to private and public building that is our building should be wheelchair accessible.
  2. Gender equality- we will advocate for consideration higher percentage of political appointment and job for women.
  3. Equitable representation in political appointment and job opportunities.
  4. Fight against corruption- our strategy to fight against corruption will not be open criticism rather, we will canvass for building a system or a structure that will put some check and balances in place to ensure sanity in the financial transactions in private and public organisation.

Awareness Creation:

  1. Enlightenment will be carried out on rights to vote, reasons to participate in election,
  2. Need for family planning, hygiene practices like hand washing, eradication of open defecation.
  3. Awareness on opportunities to combat poverty.
  4. Media programs like TV, radio, newspapers, magazine newsletters, bulletin will be an important tool to use for our enlightenment.


  1. Community and rural development: this will be our unrelenting focus.
  2. Housing scheme for civil servant and the low/middle class: With all necessary strategy put in place, this mountain of civil servants not having their own house well be leveled to the barest minimum.
  3. Building skill/vocational Centre: this will be our passionate drive as this project will produce a lot of productive entrepreneurs.
  4. Conducting researches on things that can reduce poverty and improve human lives: research will be given uttermost priority as new innovation will be generated as a result of constant research.
  5. Conducting research on what and how the blind and the visually impaired persons can take mathematics and science courses in the secondary school and in the university.